Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Denamrk in the GNW

Here to see what the Danes wore

Campaigns of the Prussian Army 1702-1715

Die Armee Augusts des Starken im Nordischen Krieg

Not as epic in scope as B Megorsky's book but useful if you fancy a Saxon army. It's in German but not bad. 

Armies of the Great Northern War

Of course it isn't just Sweden and Russia to choose from if you are assembling an army. Saw photos of Warfare Miniatures forthcoming Danish and Prussian figs for the GNW in 28mm. Here is a list of the combatants.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Russian Army in the Great Northern War 1700-21: Organization, Material, Training and Combat Experience, Uniforms (Century of the Soldier) Boris Megorsky

Art by N Zubkov
This is definitely my favourite military book of this year so far. It's epic in its scope and execution. Written by a 40 year old reenactor and scholar. The author has already had books published in Russian but this is a first for him in English and they have pulled out all the stops and made a top rated study. Pages of colour paintings by N. Zubkov, colour flag pictures, original uniforms, period illustrations and reenactor photographs make this a profusely illustrated work. This is simply the definitive English language book on the Russian army in the Great Northern War. It's a very in-depth book but then the author has been studying the subject for a very long time and it shows. Ships and Galleys as well as Siegecraft are investigated along with many other topics like uniforms and weapons. Definitely a feather in the cap for the publishers Helion as this is a quality item. The publishers have a Swedish companion out later and if it's anything as good as this expect a great surge of interest in the Great Northern War. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in Russia's army and history.
The author Boris Megorsky

Rocroi anniversary